My name is Catriona. Hope just happens to be my middle name.

I am a wife and mother of 3 and one of the 1/3rd’s has moved out for the University life, yet…  yet the rest of us get to love living in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

My siblings and I endured our parents lovingly shoving a camera in our face, behind our backs, and sneaky freestyle shots of any environment. Circus clothes included.

As young mother I traded up from a basic film 35mm camera to my first digital Kodak. Natural obsessions are hereditary you know, forever etched in my mind these cues, poses, various phrases and tricks all to get the perfect shot.

The camera and I have witnessed countless milestones of family and friends. Twenty years towards crafting the art, implementation of equipment, applied photography courses, backdrops, landscape, infants and more.

Here Is Some Of My Latest Photography Work.

Yes that’s right, you and or your loved ones are welcomed to be featured in my portfolio, or share privately with  family & friends.

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Catriona Hope Photography makes is easy for you to express your imagination. A collaborated effort, execute the perfect photo session.

My goal is to establish vision, purpose, schedule and take the best photos possible in any environment. Spontaneous and seizing shot opportunities as the ideas come to mind.
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